How I Met Your Mother Round Table: "Jenkins"

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In TV Fanatic's review of "Jenkins," we talked about the difference between the settler and the reacher, and how a co-worker's gender can change everything.

Below, our staff members break down Marshall's office dalliances, a hilarious Robin drinking game and more in our How I Met Your Mother Round Table ...

1. What was your favorite How I Met Your Mother quote from last night?

L.J. Gibbs: Barney: Rule #2, I get to sleep with Jenkins before you do. Rule #3: We're just gonna do Rule #2 first. [runs off]

The Barnacle: While not technically a quote, my favorite would be Marshall re-telling the stories with Amanda Peet as Jenkins.

Lily Pad: I liked how Marshall's skee-ball nickname was "The Fudge" and he referred to himself - quite proudly - in the third person.

Mrs. Northman: Barney: "With Jenkins, on Jenkins, near Jenkins - you name it. I wanna wear Jenkins like a sock."


2. Amanda Peet as Jenkins: Hit or miss?

L.J. Gibbs: She was good, but credit goes primarily to the writers. A token, non-famous hot girl would have also done well in the hilarious context of Jenkins.

Lily Pad: Eh, I say miss. She didn't really do it for me.

The Barnacle: While I don't think Peet did a fantastic job, I have such a crush on this actress I'm going to declare her a hit. A very attractive hit.

Mrs. Northman: Hit! Amanda Peet is not only funny, but she's a total babe!

3. What would be another fun How I Met Your Mother drinking game?

Lily Pad: Take a shot every time Lily refers to Marshall as "baby" (*cringe*).

The Barnacle: As one of the creators of such famous drinking games such as The O.C. drinking game, I would love to develop a series of rules to make an official HIMYM drinking game at some point. However, for now, we'll keep it simple and just make it one shot for every time Ted strikes out or Barney scores.

Mrs. Northman: Take a shot every time Barney hits on a woman - to her face or behind her back - two shots every time he scores, and three every time he gets denied.

L.J. Gibbs: One shot for every Barney sexual euphemism or Marshall third-person nickname reference. One Molson Ice for every reference to Robin's Canadianism.

4. Is Marshall really the reacher?

The Barnacle: Pahlease, The Fudge has to reach for no one. I mean, have you seen that beast? Jenkins sure did!

Mrs. Northman: I wouldn't say yes, because I personally think he is a total fox, but Lily is way too smart to be the reacher.

Lily Pad: Definitely. It doesn't mean that Marshall isn't a good catch, but let's be honest. Lily is a hot ticket!

L.J. Gibbs: Yes. See below. I mean, come on.

The Reacher

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