How I Met Your Mother Review: "Jenkins"

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Last night was more about Marshall and Lily than ever before. Amanda Peet guessed stared as Jenkins in this week's episode, "Jenkins."

It is funny to see how something a man could do can be so disgusting yet funny... but have a hot woman do the exact same thing and presto chango! It becomes hot. Who would've guess eating two hundred maraschino cherries be hot? Not I!

Jenkins Strips

We especially like the breakdown of the settler and the reacher. I for one, totally agree. In a relationship, it is always better to be the settler. This way, you know that you have the upper hand.

It can come down to percentages as well - 55%/45% - the settler giving slightly less at 45%. Why wouldn't each person give the same amount? Well, for one, it is in a man's nature to want to sow their seeds and they are less likely to leave something they feel that they are lucky to have.

This doesn't mean it can't happen, we are just saying it is less likely to happen. Why downgrade? But, like Tiger Woods and many men before him, it has been proven otherwise.

Back to the storyline, how great is the "but-um" game?! Only if Robin was non-fictional and we could all part take in this awesome new drinking game.

No new Mother news and we have a feeling we won't get any anytime soon, but last night did have some great How I Met Your Mother quotes:

Marshall: First of all, come on buddy, you can't handle the fudge. | permalink

Marshall: It happened! Do you have any...split pea left? | permalink

Barney: And there's about to be one more story - I'm gonna bang Jenkins.
Ted: Wait you want to have sex with Jenkins?
Barney: With Jenkins, on Jenkins, near Jenkins - you name it. I wanna wear Jenkins like a sock. | permalink

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