Lots of Sex: Coming to Melrose Place!

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The last time Melrose Place viewers saw Katie Cassidy as Ella Simms, she was being stripped down to her black underwear by Jonah and... sorry, we lost our train of thought.

That might be happening a lot more to male fans of the show when it finally returns to The CW on March 9. Just listen to Cassidy's answer when asked what's on tap for the show:

"I can tell you that there's lots of sex happening... Ella's getting some - maybe from one, maybe from more."

In a word: gulp.

Ella Sims Pic
Lauren and David

As for Heather Locklear's Amanda, Cassidy provided E! News with a few general spoilers about a showdown between her and Ella:

"She is bad, but we all knew that. I can’t really give away exactly what she does. Ella fights back."

Stephanie Jacobsen was also on hand and asked about the future of her character. Might Lauren - snuggling with David above - soon get out of the escort business?

"Lauren makes a couple of changes," Jacobsen said. "She encounters a few forks in her road, and she makes extreme calls. Let me say that, as the actor who plays her, her path has been very satisfying."

To catch up on Melrose Place, prior to its March return, visit browse through our collection of episode guides today.

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