The Bachelor Review: Week Two

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka eliminated three more women last night. Well, he eliminated two, and ABC kicked off another one. There was quite a bit of drama at the end.

For the first time ever in the history of this storied television program, a contestant entered into an "inappropriate relationship" with a staffer. Thus, Rozlyn was banished.

Did she actually do anything wrong? Unimportant. ABC wanted her gone and she is. Jake pretended to be sad. Some other highlights from the Week Two of The Bachelor:

InStyle Shoot

Jake and a half-dozen extremely intelligent women pose for InStyle.

In and out of style. A Bachelor staple is cross-promotion. Enter InStyle and their exclusive photo shoot! Five of the women on this "date" loved it. Christina? She got drunk.

One-on-one heat. Ali received the season's first one-on-one date and needless to say, Jake is into her. We have a feeling she will be in his final four, without any doubt.

Divorcees. Both Vienna and Tenley are divorced, despite their young ages. Vienna opened up to Jake about her past, while Tenley is still waiting for the right moment.

Word choice. Chris Harrison's word selection when the show announced it was booting Rozlyn - winner of the InStyle date rose - was awkward and seemed contrived.

Michelle. She is still a freaking nut job. It's too bad the show decided to get rid of her only slightly less insane understudy, Ashley. Oh well. One crazy chick will have to do.

Roses were given to Ali, Elizabeth, Vienna, Gia, Tenley, Ella, Valishia, Corrie, Jessie, Ashleigh, Michelle, and Kathryn. Christina, Ashley and Rozlyn are on their way home.

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The Bachelor Quotes

I would definitely prefer not to be the first Bachelor rejected at the end of all of this.


This is not another season of The Bachelorette. Or Paradise. This is actually The Bachelor. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.