White Collar Review: "Bottlenecked"

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After a week long hiatus, our favorite duo is back!

It was interesting to meet someone else from Neal's past. Keller played the overly confident jerk quite well. He wasn't as good looking as I thought he would be - especially since he kept referencing romantic ties to Kate. Really, would she choose this guy over the hunk of a man that is Neal? No way! 

Neal and Mozzie

One problem we had during "Bottlenecked" would be how simple it was for Neal to catch Keller at the end.

Keller was able to trick them into making a replica of the Franklin bottle of wine, but wasn't able to guess that they would try every possible way to get him in police custody? We thought this guy was supposed to be one step ahead of Neal?

It was very hard for us to find the point of this episode. Besides finding out who was the mysterious chess player - we really didn't learn much about Kate's whereabouts and the music box (other than the last thirty second conversation between Mozzie and Neal).

Back to the mysterious chess game - what was the point of that anyway?

We feel that we were kind of jipped not getting a better storyline that tied everything together. Really, was the only point to show that Keller has a deep fixation on Neal? If that is the bottom line, we have to say it is quite odd.

Once again, Elizabeth was noticeably absent this week. What gives? Since there isn't much time left in the season are the writers waiting it out to pull something big on us that includes Elizabeth? We will be bummed if she doesn't get a larger upcoming role.

Well, we look forward to seeing what happens next - hopefully some more mouth dropping craziness like the mid-season finale! Until next week, check out a few White Collar quotes after the jump!

Neal: You like scavenger hunts?
Mozzie: I've been known to uncover an Easter egg or two in my time. | permalink
Peter: You met him playing backgammon?
Neal: It was simpler times. | permalink
Neal: Sounds like check mate to me. | permalink
Peter: And for the record I hate Port - its too syrupy.
Neal: There will be other options. | permalink

Bottlenecked Review

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White Collar Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Peter: You met him playing backgammon?
Neal: It was simpler times.

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