Lost Preview: "Dr. Linus"

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We're still mulling over the developments from this week's episode of Lost: Is Sayid infected? Where is Fake Locke taking his new army? Have we really seen the last of Dogen?

We tackle all these questions and more in our latest edition of the Lost Round Table.

But it's time to look ahead, as it's impossible to not get excited about next Tuesday's installment of the best show on TV. Why? It's titled "Dr. Linus" and it centers around Ben.

Below, we've posted a series of photos from the episode. Click on each to get an early look at upcoming scenes...

It's Dr. Linus
Ilana Photo
Ben Linus Picture
Richard and the Rock
Sideways Scene
Jack Picture
Hurley with Jack
Jack and Richard

We've also posted a clip from "Dr. Linus." In it, the 2004 version of Ben is teaching his class... about an island.

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-linus-clip/" title="Dr. Linus Clip"] [/video]

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Lost Quotes

Jack: Where are we?
Christian: This is a place you all made together so you could find one another...Nobody does it all alone. You needed them and they needed you.
Jack: For what?
Christian: To remember and to let go.

Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]