Lost Round Table: "Ab Aeterno"

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Our Lost review earlier today delved into last night's terrific "Ab Aeterno." Below, we pick apart this week's revelations and questions even further in our Lost Round Table.

Your own responses and any other comments are encouraged ...

How excited were you to see Lost dig deep into its past with an obvious Alvar Hanso reference through Richard's slaver, Captain Magnus Hanso?

LJ Gibbs: I loved the Hanso reference, but I hope we actually learn how the Hanso family stayed connected to the island instead of it just being a cool name-drop.

Lady Gaga: Loved it once I remembered who Alvar Hanso was.

Mr. Probst: Anything remotely related to the Dharma Initiative is tremendous television in my mind.  One of my biggest fears is that Dharma will not be addressed enough, but it seems I'm wrong.

Lost RT

Is Jacob really trying to prove to the Man in Black that people are not inherently corruptible or is he just trying to find his own replacement so he can leave the island?

LJ Gibbs: I believe everything Jacob does is for his own self-serving purposes. He wants off the island as much as the Man in Black does, and keeps bringing people there looking for his replacement.

Lady Gaga: Jacob knows MiB is going to kill him so he's trying to find a replacement.

Mr. Probst: While Jacob paints Man in Black as a manipulator, it's obvious Jacob is no different.  They each have their agendas and will do anything to succeed. 
Ab Aeterno Scene

Who's a better Man in Black/Smokey/Lockness Monster: Terry O'Quinn or Titus Welliver?

LJ Gibbs: Both. O'Quinn is clearly the best actor on television, and his creepy FLocke portrayal - sometimes angry, sometimes benevolent and always calculating - is terrific. But Welliver's calm, drained performance as the Man in Black is perfect, with his rage bubbling hidden underneath.

Lady Gaga: Both are great but my vote is for Terry O'Quinn, only because we've seen him in a different/weaker role as John Locke. Now that he is Smokey he has an entirely new, upfront, bold, creepy, can't look away, not sure what he'll do next approach to "life".

Mr. Probst: I'm still in love with Terry O'Quinn as the misguided Locke on the show, so my vote is for Welliver.  He's so creepy!

Weekly check-in: who's evil: Jacob or Man in Black?

LJ Gibbs: I think both are in it for themselves, regardless of which represents true evil.

Lady Gaga: Both, they are like a bunch of angry kids playing tag. Only their tag involves sending someone else to kill the other. I guess man in black finally won.

Mr. Probst: I'm back to Jacob this week.  Man in Black certainly isn't without sin, but he seems more honest and up front with his motives.  Jacob has a long history of double talk and misdirection.

Plenty of answers in this episode, but nothing about Richard's mascara.  What gives?

LJ Gibbs: I'll tell you what doesn't give: said mascara. All that crying over Isabella and not a single run. Maybe he's born with it...

Lady Gaga: It's bugging me - we never even see him putting it on!  More importantly, how did a wooden ship crush a huge statue?

Mr. Probst: We were all thinking the mascara/eyeliner meant he was an Egyptian slave, but he's really Spanish?  Now it makes no sense. 

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