Shonda Rhimes Teases Grey's Anatomy Season-Ender & More

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She puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy, but will we see a major Meredith story line anytime soon? Creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes acknowledges that new mom Ellen Pompeo’s storyline load was lightened this season so she could focus on motherhood.

That said, Fancast reports that over the next couple of episodes, Meredith will focus on not so much being a doctor as a healer, so to speak, as Dr. Grey is called upon to be an especially protective friend for several members of her Seattle Grace clique.

Who do you think that is?

Doctor Meredith Grey Picture

As for the upcoming Season Six finale, Shonda Tweeted that May’s big ending will serve up “a serious game-changer for every single character.” That's pretty much a given, and it will be a difficult task topping last season's, but we welcome any theories you want to share!

In the more immediate future, the upcoming Owen-centric episode will feature Iraq wartime flashbacks that are 100 percent Owen’s, as in "100 percent from his point of view."

As the sneak previews showed, we will gain a lot more insight into Dr. Hunt and how some of the very bad things he experienced on the front shaped the doc he is today.

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