Survivor Round Table: The Craziest Episode Ever

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After one of the craziest episodes in the history of Survivor, our writers couldn't wait to tackle this week's round table questions.

Has the momentum flipped from Boston Rob to Russell?

Kakdaddy: I don't think so.  Russell still only has 3 members of his tiny alliance and Rob has 5.  Even if the Dragonslayer flips after Russell's speech its only 4-4.  Russell pulled off one of the biggest miracles ever.  The odds must have been like 0.0000001 that Tyson would change his vote because he had no reason to do it, but somehow it worked.  Russell absolutely has life all of a sudden, but not momentum yet.  One more vote and that would be the case.

Lady Gaga: Very impressive moves by both BR and Russell to compensate for what they thought the other was doing.  You could see how absolutely furious BR was that someone did not stick to the plan and Tyson paid for his mistake. However the wrath of BR will prevail and unless Russell finds another idol, he is gone at the next Villains tribal council.

Mr. Probst: Round 1 of this heavy weight bout went to Russell and for the Villains hero, I think the timing couldn't be worse.  With twelve players left, I'm smelling a merge and that will allow Russell and his band of three to bring the Heroes over to his side and outnumber Boston Rob's five.

Did the Heroes finally make a good decision?

Kakdaddy: Yes.  I still want to bludgeon Amanda, but yes they finally did.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: I guess, but if they were going to get rid of James because of his leg, shouldn't they have done it last episode and kept Tom? I think it's too little, too late. Even voting for annoying Rupert would have been a better decision.

Mr. Probst: Again, NO!  If there's a merge like I'm predicting, you'd rather have the guy who can't win challenges around.  If there isn't a merge, James was still more impressive in the previous challenge than Colby and Rupert.  Don't underestimate the power of one's spirit in this game.  Colby is still down and out and will hurt the Heroes tribe.

Who’s a bigger threat – Russell or Parvati?

Kakdaddy: My god that is an amazing question.  I for the life of me don't actually know.  I'll say its Parvati only because Russell is up there in everyone's face and usually takes a lot of the heat as a result making Parvati the bigger long-term threat.  She also (as they won't stop blabbering on and on about in tribal council) has people she knows on the other tribe that she might be able to bring over if she and Russell survive until the merge.  She is Russell's Natalie this season and look who ended up winning the first time. 

However, Russell ALWAYS comes up with a plan for every situation.  Its what makes then such an impressive team.  If they had the numbers they would be unstoppable.

Lady Gaga: Russell, he is at least smart, analytical and aware of what the others are doing. The rest of the Villains see right through Parvati and her skimpy bathing suit.

Mr. Probst: While everyone seems to know what Parvati is doing - this now her third season of doing it - they all seem powerless to stop her.  Perhaps more importantly, she's hiding behind Russell's shadow, so he'll take the ax before she does.  You do not want to let this girl get far.

What’s your take on banana etiquette: out of date custom or valued tradition?

Kakdaddy: While it is nice to offer if you get up I have to agree with James.  If you're hungry go get your ass a banana.

Lady Gaga: Valued tradition. I can't imagine what our society would be like without this tried and true custom.

Mr. Probst: Our British forefathers left us many great customs - knife on the right, stand when a woman leaves the table, puffy pants - but asking if your tribe mates want a banana when you do is silly.  I felt like I was watching the glass of water scene in White Men Can't Jump.

Scarier drunk: James or Tyson?

Kakdaddy: James - the much scarier person in real life.

Tyson Competes in the Challenge

Lady Gaga: James because of the lack of body control. Can you imagine trying to support him when he can no longer stand or drag him out of a bar? Tyson can at least be carried anywhere like a road bike. However, Tyson would win the creepy award - bar predator for sure.

Mr. Probst: Although James has increased his scariness by ten this season, I feel like he's a jovial drunk.  Just kind of sits there and laughs.  Tyson, on the other hand, is probably ten times creepier when drunk and he's already a really creepy person.

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