American Idol Elimination: Didi Benami

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And then there were nine.

Following the Top 10 performances Tuesday night, it was fairly clear that Katie Stevens, Didi Benami and Tim Urban belonged in the final three - and they ended up there.

Slightly surprising? That Didi was voted off instead of Tim, who's been as bad as it gets. Not to say Didi didn't have it coming herself after an "overdone" effort Tuesday.

Her rendition of the Jimmy Ruffin hit "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" was one that the judges called "off-melody." Never a good sign on ... a singing competition.

So Didi's elimination leaves nine, among them Urban and Katie Stevens, who joined them in the bottom three last night and is another prime candidate for elimination.

Next week? The John Lennon and Paul McCartney catalog. Expect Crystal, Mike and Lee to deliver as usual. The rest of the gang has been hit or miss, but you never know.

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TENTH PLACE: Didi Benami bids farewell to American Idol.

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