Blair Brown Speaks on Fringe Secrets, Revelations

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Last week's episode of Fringe was titled "Peter." But Joshua Jackson's character wasn't the only key inidividual vieweres learned about during the flashback-heavy installment of the Fox series.

Blair Brown's Nina Sharp was also a focus, as we discovered vital pieces of information about this mysterious figure. For example, she didn't lose an arm to cancer.

What was the actress' reaction to that reveal? She told

"It was very interesting all of a sudden to humanize Nina. I’ve always felt she’s one of those people who pretends to be something colder, cooler than she actually is... I think over next season we’ll start to understand her profound connection to not only Olivia, but to Peter. Because that goes pretty well unexplained."

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A couple other excerpts from the interview:

On the season finale: "While some would say it’s a mini-movie, I saw it’s a maxi-movie! It’s huge. It’s so complex I literally have read both episodes twice and I’m still not sure I get it."

On Nina's family tree: "I always wondered whose mother I am.... is Peter my child? Well, first I thought maybe Olivia was my daughter. Then I wondered too whether even though we’re led to believe that this was Peter’s birth mother that was at the funeral, was that the case? I don’t know."

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