Chuck Review: "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners"

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After taking a couple weeks off after its original season three order finale, Chuck had a lot to live up to with this week with its return.  It's a whole new Operation Bartowski with Chuck and Sarah together, the Colonel reinstated, and Morgan officially on as a spy.

The Honeymooners

So what do you do with a couple with three years of pent up sexual tension?  You let them honeymoon on a train and consummate their new relationship repeatedly for days, of course! We were definitely nervous the show wasn't going to know what to do with these two once they finally got together beyond you know, having poor Chuck need a walker by the time Walker was done with him.

Luckily, "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners" was able to put our fears to rest by just giving the two a fun adventure together.  There was some needless, albeit light-hearted drama thrown into the relationship by having the two of them go behind each others' backs on a spy mission in the vein of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but for the most part the two just had fun together.

We managed to see the happy couple pretend to be married, get in two fights while handcuffed together, watch Sarah gratuitously fight in lingerie (thanks!), and even seen some human, normal elements to the relationship as Chuck introduced Sarah to music and in general, the real world.  We're actually excited to see what other drama-free adventures the writers can cook up for these two.

Meanwhile, it was amazing to have the Colonel back and hilarious to see the poor guy partnered with Grimes.  After finally shaking off his first incompetent partner, Beckman shoved an even worse one on his lap... one without an Intersect in his head.  All Morgan seems to have is his unnatural connection to Chuck and ability to annoy evil spies into exposing themselves.  Guess that's all it takes to be a spy these days.

Hopefully the writers continue to walk the fine balance of keeping Morgan as comic relief without letting his ineptness become too irritating.  The show should have learned its lesson after having Chuck in that role for two seasons.

Overall we really enjoyed having a light-hearted adventure that included Jeffster singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" after such a dark season.   Our favorite Chuck quotes, of which Beckman takes the prize, after the jump.

Chuck: Sarah Walker, do you agree to quit the spy life with me?
Sarah: I do. | permalink
Casey: Chuck's off the grid with Walker, you do the math. (Morgan looks clueless) He's going to need a walker when Walker's done with him. (still cluless) They're having intercourse, idiot. | permalink
Casey: You know it can take seven minutes to strangle someone. I've gotten it to under 50 seconds. | permalink
Jeff: Attention Mr. and Mrs. whatever your last name is. | permalink
Beckman: Letting your personal life interfere with your professional one can be dangerous. But off the record, it's about damn time. | permalink

Chuck Versus the Honeymooners Review

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Sarah [referring to Devon packing weight for Africa]: Devon, what are these?
Awesome: Babe, this didn't happen by accident.

Chuck: Sarah Walker, do you agree to quit the spy life with me?
Sarah: I do.