Eric Christian Olsen to Recur, Possibly Join Cast of NCIS: Los Angeles

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Looks like the NCIS: Los Angeles cast may have room for one more.

Viewers of last week's episode were treated to a surprise when a guest villain was revealed to be an undercover cop, then was offered a spot as liaison to the NCIS: LA team.

Fans of the original NCIS know that’s how longtime liaison Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) was ushered in to the NCIS gang before gaining U.S. citizenship, as a Mossad liaison.

Will Eric Christian Olsen's character ultimately become a regular star as well? That's unclear for now, but the actor is certainly excited about being on board, secrecy and all.

“They kept a pretty tight lid on me showing up at all,” Eric told TV Guide. “I wasn’t allowed to Twitter, Facebook or talk about it at all. I couldn’t even tell my family.”

Put 'Em Up

In "Hand to Hand," Eric started out the episode as mixed martial artist Jason Wyler who battled it out with LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna, also undercover to investigate a murder.

When both characters were arrested and promptly released, that’s when it was revealed that Jason was actually a special agent named Marty Deeks - a surprising twist.

“Sam was undercover for NCIS. I was undercover for LAPD,” he says. “Nobody saw it coming.”

Already a fan of the show, Eric will be making one last guest appearance this season on April 27, when he is enlisted to assist with a murder case involving “an infamous socialite in Los Angeles. It’s a good episode with clubs and mansions in the hills.”

Beyond that, he has no idea what the future holds.

"I had an amazing experience on those two episodes of NCIS," he says. "It’s a great cast and crew to be working with. And I grew up loving LL Cool J. I was a little kid in suburban Iowa walking around with my left pant leg rolled up like he did. Meeting him was a big deal.”

Our advice to CBS? Make a regular out of Eric. NCIS is way cooler than The Backup Plan.

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