Siobhan Magnus Shocker: Singer Eliminated from American Idol

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Dear American Idol viewers: please tell us what you see in Aaron Kelly.

It's one thing for this singer to have survived another week of competition, but he was somehow not even included in the bottom three last night.

Instead, that dishonor fell to Michael Lynche, Casey James and Siobhan Magnus, the last of whom was eliminated in one of the more shocking results of season nine.

Upon her elimination, Ryan Seacrest asked Magnus what sort of impact her run on the show had on her little sisters: "Hopefully a big one," she replied, adding:

"I did my best and I hope that I was able to show them what we're all capable of."

Farewell, Siobhan

Even though we gave Magnus props for her rendition of "Any Man of Mine" on Tuesday night, we agree this eccentric crooner relied too heavily on hitting glory notes. But at least she was different.

With the exception of Crystal Bowersox (who seriously better win!), the remaining finalists are all virtual copies of one another. The show must change up its rules or requirements next season (perhaps contestants can't use an intrument on back-to-back weeks?) to avoid this same, boring fate.

Next week, the singers are mentored by Harry Connick Jr. and sing Frank Sinatra hits.

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