24 Promo: How Far Will Jack Bauer Go to Get the Truth?

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If Jack Bauer has proven one thing on this season of 24, it's that he doesn't care about justice or peace or even the sanctity of human life.

The man just wants revenge for Renee's murder.

Even though Fox hammers this point home on the following promo, readers still take exception to our critique of season nine, such as the review of this week's episode, which calls into question whether or not Jack is actually acting like a hero these days.

Our take: of course not! He's acting in his own self interests, even putting innocent lives at stake without any greater good in mind.

We're happy to debate this point with readers, but we also must warn them about the preview below. It gives away a major development on next week's episode. Watch at your own risk...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/coming-for-logan/" title="Coming for Logan"] [/video]

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