Michael Weatherly on NCIS Season Finale: It's Gibbs in Hell

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Despite efforts to pry serious NCIS spoilers out of Michael Weatherly with martinis, Entertainment Weekly did not get too many earth-shattering details from the actor.

The magazine did, however, get some good quotes out of him regarding his contract (he expects to be back) and what's to come May 25. Sounds like quite an episode.

Below are some excerpts from Weatherly's interview:

On the season finale:

I feel as if Stanley Kubrick is in charge of our season finale. There’s a sense of dread that permeates the last several episodes, specifically surrounding the Gibbs story.

His crisis, which it really is, throws everything that you might expect Gibbs to do in certain situations out the window. He's in a spot outside the Gibbs comfort zone.

Gibbs and Right Hand Men

Michael Weatherly (right) has high praise for Mark Harmon (center).

I don’t want to speak to it in any real specific way, but I will say that watching Mark [Harmon] behave and perform these scenes, I saw him do things that I’ve never seen him do before.

In particular, this one scene in the interrogation room is stunning. It’s a stunning moment for that character. Gibbs in hell [laughs] might be what it comes down to.

It’s interesting, looking around at this mural [of the famous Palio horse race by Sandro Chia], I think it’s what it looks like inside his head during the last episode.

On whether a colleague dies, as NCIS spoilers have teased:

That is true. And another is injured. What’s interesting on NCIS are the allegiances, and everyone is loyal to Gibbs and unquestioning of the decisions that he makes.

And Jesse Stern, who is responsible for the finale this year, who also wrote the season premiere this year, I think he does a great job playing on those expectations.

This season finale, there’s this sense that this series is not done by any means. I personally don’t think any of the actors will disappear this year. I think it would be a great sadness if everyone weren’t back to continue what we’ve been doing.

If you watched every episode this season and paid attention, you’ve seen the cloud coming and the last three episodes, the air gets humid and it’s like thunder clouds.

I put it on par with Season 2's ending when Sasha Alexander’s character, Caitlin, got killed. I still have people come up and go, “Ohmygod, I just saw that episode on USA!”

On what's in store for Tony:

He ends up on a mission of his own at the end of the year, in a sense ... Where all the characters are headed - it is not resolved at the end of this year. [Laughs] Although what they do in soap operas, “Now playing the part of Anthony DiNozzo...”

That won’t happen though.

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