The City Review: Belle of Elle ... or Hell?

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MTV's The City is become notable for three things:

  1. Being the more "realistic" spinoff of The Hills
  2. Being basically a 20-minute weekly ad for Elle
  3. Olivia Palermo being hilariously bad at her job

All three elements of the show were on display last night in "The Belle of Elle" as Whitney Port pursued a full-page magazine spread for her fashion line and Olivia pursued media attention, increased fame and overt love of all things as they pertain to Olivia.

It's because of this that The City is more entertaining than The Hills of late. Olivia is an absurd, narcissistic, clueless caricature of a socialite - but they definitely exist.

If any of them had jobs, this is how they'd act, too.

Whitney Rocks

Whitney Port's latest fashion foray? A spread in Glamour.

At a party for Gossip Girl fashion stylist Eric Daman, Olivia was so unimpressed with a colleague chatting up stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester that she said this:

"I can talk to a park bench."

What that means, we have no idea, other than her being displeased with anyone getting attention but her. She so wanted to be the girl mentioned in Page Six, too.

Alas, it was not to be.

Meanwhile, Whitney met with Glamour about a full-page spread they wanted to do on her line. Fortunately, Roxy Olin didn't blow up the whole thing - not for lack of trying.

Kelly warned Whitney not to involve Roxy. Whitney did anyway. How many times does this have to happen before she gets it? And why is Roxy even on the show anyway?

Seriously, the girl is beyond useless. Say what you will for Olivia, she's egocentric and and all that, but the girl holds down her job at Elle. Roxy Olin? What does she do?

Apparently, she gets chastised by Kelly Cutrone. According to Kell on Earth, you're either a follower or a freak. If you want to be a freak, go for it, but you pay the price.

Ouch. And amen, sister. Preach on.

It's an enjoyable show most of the time, for the sole reason that you can relate to the life situations and outsized personalities, even if the specifics are often unrealistic.

Last night was no exception.

The Belle of Elle Review

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