Bethenny Getting Married Review: Pack My Bag!

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Viewers got to see just how tough life can be for a reality star last night.

With a book signing and a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, Bethenny Frankel pretty much lost it on this episode of Bethenny Getting Married. A few highlights/lowlights from the hour:

  • Bethenny saying she wanted to "suffocate" Shawn for his behavior at a hairstyle run-through. Give the wedding planner a break, girl. He's just trying to do his job and you're given him rather high expectations with which to work. Way to call Frankel out for being in a "cranky zone," hairdresser.
  • While shopping for maternity clothes, Bethenny confides in a friend: “Being able to do it all defines me and not being able to do it all panics me." That's actually profound, self-aware insight.
  • Can someone buy Bethenny a book on child birth? There are about 6,000,000 million of them. That will save us from hearing her conversations about "ice-packing my vadge."
  • Bethenny has her assistant actually pack her suitcase full of underwear for a trip to Atlantic City. She even rolls her eyes over how slow he does it. Forehead slap!
  • Jason gets wasted during his bachelor party and regrets it the next day. His fiancee's comforting words? "You look like ass."

Read throuhg an even more detailed review of the episode now and sound off: Was it just us, or did Bethenny come across as more whiny than ever this week?

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