The City Review: Fashion Week Flubs

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Fashion Week. It comes just once in a blue moon, or once every couple of weeks if you're on The City. Last night's episode provided some good drama during it, at least.

For Whitney Port, career opportunities just seem to fall in her lap. After suffering some setbacks in recent weeks, she scored a huge meeting with Maybelline cosmetics.

As our celebrity gossip site points out in its recap of The City, there are few hurdles an aspiring fashionista can't overcome with the weight of a TV network behind her.

Sure, she's good, and sure, she's as appealing personally as she is on the eyes. But are we expected to believe things come this easy in the world of fashion? We don't.

Shockingly (and by shockingly, we mean not at all shockingly), Whit scores an invitation to Miami's Fashion Week next! Naturally, sidekick Roxy Olin will accompany her.

The world of high fashion is just so glamorous and attainable!

She Can Do No Wrong

Despite frequent flubs, Whitney Port can do no wrong.

To be fair, Whitney at least acts like she cares about her job, unlike Roxy ... or more appropriately, Olivia Palermo. That girl is nothing short of a complete disaster.

Will it finally come back to bite her, though? MTV has seemingly given her a Get Out of Jail Free Card to play at Elle on any occasion she pleases this whole season.

Her luck seemingly never runs out ... or does it? Last night, Louise Roe, a seemingly perfect British transplant, stepped in and usurped some of her responsibilities.

Naturally, this being Olivia, the bar was set so low, Louise had no choice but to amaze Joe and Erin, possibly leading toward the long-awaited dismissal of Olivia.

We know Erin has wanted her gone from day one, but will the higher-ups at Elle finally pull the plug on all their free press from MTV and get rid of this total hack?

If there were a shred of realism in the show, they would, but that's a big if, so we're guessing it's not gonna happen. If it did, though, that would be a good twist.

For all its good qualities, The City needs to prove it's about women trying to make it in fashion, not just advertising for fashion. Sometimes it's just a giant shill.

Olivia can't possibly be employed at a magazine of that stature. It just wouldn't happen. Whitney has made great strides, but her success is debatable at best.

Oh, and in a hilarious, Hills-esque twist, Louise dated Freddie Fackelmayer, a.k.a. Whitney's orange-tanned fake boyfriend from last season. What a small world.

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