The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "Goodbye, Amy Juergens"

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On this episode, we finally saw a few things transpire on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Adrian decides she wants to terminate the pregnancy, Amy leaves for New York, and someone FINALLY calls Ashley out on her obvious sexual tension with Ricky.  All in all, a pretty productive episode for a show that moves at the pace of a snail.

First of all, can we just revisit the fact that Ruthie from 7th Heaven is all grown up and a little slut now?  The first time she was on I had to do a triple take.  And who are these girls’ parents that they just let them sleep at random dude’s houses on weeknights??  So after her non-PG sleepover at Ricky’s, Ruthie tries to humiliate Adrian in school only to get schooled by Grace.


Who knew Miss Goody-Goody Grace had it in her to hair pull?  Of course, right after that she resorts back to being annoying, showing off her station wagon, and trying to push her beliefs onto Adrian.  Adrian promptly tells her to F Off in polite ABC Family-friendly terms.

Secret Life Scene

The real dilemma here is that her parents have such opposing views on abortion.  For some reason, Adrian’s struggle with her pregnancy is more painful and touching to watch than Amy’s.  It just seems so much more realistic and I feel bad for her.  Topping it all off is when Tom shows up in a Tuxedo at the end and proposes to her.

As for the boy who knocked her up, the lanky and awkward Ben, he is determined to have one great make-out with Amy before she leaves for New York; you know, just in case it’s his last. 

Meanwhile, his dad is in the front seat watching them seriously sucking face.  I will give that whole scene the “most unrealistic scene” award for this episode.  No high-schooler would be caught dead getting down in front of a parent.  Ben had slightly more animation in this episode when he’s freaking out to Ricky in the beginning about Adrian.  It was a nice change from his usual cornball status.

People who need to be off of this show: Madison and Lauren.  They have no purpose and are annoyingly dumb.  Jack, despite being cute, also has no purpose.  Who cares about him trying to find a place to live, it makes no sense! 

I’ve saved the best for last.  Ashley and Ricky.  Everyone thinks Ashley’s into Ricky, and vice versa.  They do happen to look at each other quite creepily.  It’s at the point where they admit they get jealous of seeing the other hook up or hearing about it.  So we’re just one step closer to their inevitable union. You could slice that sexual tension with a knife bitches. 

Thankfully we have Ashley’s gay best friend Griffin, who is the only one who calls her on her BS.  “You may play your dad, but not me honey. I do not believe a word of that.” Amen. 

Tune in next week for Bristol Palin’s acting debut. Eek.

Goodbye, Amy Juergens Review

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