Entourage Music from "Dramedy"

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Sure we might have torn in this week's episode of Entourage in our review, but we still thought it was the best of the season.  Why?  Because it was some aspects of what made the show great in the past... fun!

The Golds Fight

The music, however, was just as good as ever, even breaking out a new song by the reunited 90s rock sensation, Stone Temple Pilots.  So what else was featured on the episode?  Just check out our complete collection of Entourage music from the episode and let us know if we're missing anything!

  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Hickory Dichotomy" Buy on iTunes
  • Burn Job - "Eric Hachikian"
  • King Kahn and The Shrines - "Que Lindo Sueno"
  • Gabin - "Bang Bang to the Rock n Roll" Buy on iTunes
  • AMG - "U Can Have it All"
  • Dirty Money - "Last Night Part II"
  • Clinton Sparks - "Favorite DJ" Buy on iTunes
  • Tame Impala - "Half Full Glass of Wine" Buy on iTunes

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Entourage Quotes

Ari: I came here today because I thought this was a session on how my wife could learn to communicate. How to answer a question without a question: basic Humanity 101. Which I thought, given your wall of fucking diplomas, you could easily fix. Or if you couldn't, you could give her a pill that could either fix it or make her a mute. But now to turn around and gang up on me! I have work to do! I have hundreds of clients to deal with. And just so we're clear; I don't care about any of them. They're all just a number: Like Wife number one and Therapist number seven. Good day!
[Ari walks out]
Mrs. Gold: You're really only our fifth

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Entourage Music

  Song Artist
Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
Soul of a man Soul Of A Man Beck iTunes
Song Shutterbugg Big Boi iTunes