Ian Somerhalder on Season Two of The Vampire Diaries: Damon is an Idiot

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Katherine is back.

This character shocked viewers by her appearance on The Vampire Diaries May finale; and the first trailer for season two makes it clear that her presence will play a key role on the the show this fall.

Clearly, Katherine's return will affect Damon the most. In what way? Let's find out from Ian Somerhalder himself, as the actor dished on a few Damon-related spoilers in an interview at Comic-Con...

Does Damon still love Katherine? He still wants Katherine like an idiot. It's weird you know, love is a really blinding force. It forces us to do things, stupid things that we all every single one of us has experienced it.

What's in store for him on season two? It's not necessarily going to be the funnest season for Damon. I think that he's going to challenged a lot where I don't think he was used to being challenged. I think there are some things that are gonna wreak more havoc in Mystic Falls than he probably did in season one.

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How will Katherine's return affect the Salvatore brothers? A tentative alliance. That's the interesting thought is that it might actually form, that alliance may have to get stronger because she's going to wreak havoc for both of them, whether Katherine wants Stefan or Damon, Stefan wants nothing to do with her, for the most part. Until he does. If he does.

Not exactly the clearest answer possible. Guess that means we'll need to tune in for The Vampire Diaries season premiere on September 9 and find out more.

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