So You Think You Can Dance Elimination: Ashley Galvan

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Ashley Galvan's seemingly modest rib injury proved season-ending last night on So You Think You Can Dance, making for the second consecutive week we've said goodbye to a dancer who couldn't even perform or dance for their life - a major drag.

Unlike Alex Wong's exit last week after lacerating his Achilles, Ashley's "rib bruise" seemed innocuous enough to guarantee she'd be moving on to the final six.

Alas, the bruise was worse than expected, and she's now out, leaving Lauren Froderman as the lone female representative of the final six dancers this season.

"It sucks," Ashley said of her elimination, but "I do have something to look forward to, which is the tour. Going on the tour is such an amazing opportunity."

Ashley Galvan
Billy Bell

Ashley Galvan's injury bought Billy Bell a reprieve.

In the bottom three with Ashley - not that it mattered in the end - were Billy Bell and Jose Ruiz. Billy, a critical favorite, was in fact spared from the block by default.

Is technically superb Billy, a judges' favorite, really doomed? He's such a strong technical, well-trained dancer, but at the same time America is not voting for him.

"Billy has been one of the most praised soloists growing up, and I think this is very confusing time for him," Adam Shankman said after the Top 7 performances.

As for the remaining contestants? Shankman said, "What's become evident is some of them feel like they are only here because other people have gotten hurt, and they are very disoriented. They are so tense and so freaked out right now."

Understandably so.

Who do you like to make it all the way to the finals - if the contestants stop dropping like flies, that is? Leave us a comment and discuss the state of the show.

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