The Good Guys Review: "Hunches & Heists"

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OMG! Jack kissed Liz on this week's episode of The Good Guys!!!

We'd care and truly be excited over this development... if the show spent any time at all building up her character and/or giving us any insight at all into her history with Jack.

At one point on "Hunches & Heists," Jack seemed ready to open up to Dan (and the viewers) about him and Liz, only to hurry through some story about how his gut once said she'd be his wife, and now, well, she was dating Kyle.

Okay then. Is it really so difficult to give us more background on how all this came about? I hate complaining about it on a weekly basis, especially when the show is essentially a buddy-cop comedy; but each episode just screams to a halt any time Jack and Liz come up - and they do come up every single episode.

Warrant, Please!

That complaint aside, Dan cracked me up more than usual this week.

He was legitimately shocked and impressed by the dry cleaner's ability to remove the barbecue sauce stain from his shirt - and then legitimately pissed when he made the same mistake again and ruined a shirt that was meant to last "six weeks."

I also enjoy when he sticks to his random, typically ridiculous nicknames for items or people throughout an episode. This time, for example, he kept pressing Jack about finding the "ninja welder." Funny stuff.

Let's also give props to guest star Dan Castellaneta. The voice of Homer Simpson, this actor is always reliable in the role of a humorous sad sack. In this case, that sad sack was the world's worst getaway driver.

We've listed a few of the best quotes from the episode below. What did you think of it?
Dan: What's your gut telling you, Jack?
Jack: My gut is car sick. | permalink
Dan: We're gonna be the Cops Who Cried Bank... it's a well-known children's story.
Jack: No, it isn't. | permalink
Dan: If I could make myself less attractive to hot, young women, don't you think I'd do it? | permalink
Dan: That guy's not a metal worker. He's a ninja. A ninja named Tommy. | permalink
Co-worker: Why are you wearing a wifebeater?
Dan: My shirt's undergoing some minor repairs. Sauce-related repairs. | permalink

Hunches & Heists Review

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The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Co-worker: Why are you wearing a wifebeater?
Dan: My shirt's undergoing some minor repairs. Sauce-related repairs.

Not only do I need to look at your gut. But now I need to listen to it?