The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "She Went That A'way"

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C’mon Secret Life, tell me something I don’t know for once. 

Just as I predicted, Adrian didn’t go through with the abortion.  Nothing else really happened on "She Went That A'way," as Ricky’s still boning everything that moves; Stifler’s mom still has no purpose; and everyone’s still gossiping.

As for Adrian, I’m sure abortion is a scary process to go through.  I doubt anyone goes in guns blazing, huge smile on their face, ready to get started.  I’m sure a girl would have a million thoughts racing through her head.  Adrian just seemed to do a complete 180 in her belief system.  Which is something I don’t find very believable.

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Ricky’s mother was very sweet in emphasizing that it was Adrian’s decision and no one else’s.  If only Brenda Hampton felt the same way and would stop pushing her own agenda so obviously.

Cindy obviously knows how hard it is to be a teen mother.  It must be hard to experience that and then watch your child go through the same thing.  Jeez, everything gets so emotional.  At least George provides some comic relief on this show.  As does Jack, though probably not on purpose.

When Tom tells Jack that Adrian is pregnant, Jack so nervously asks: “Is there any reason to believe we’re still high off of those brownies?” Another clever Brenda Hampton, secret PSA agenda, this time anti-drug.  I want to know what HER high school experience was like.  At my high school, people smoked weed all the time and it wasn’t a big deal.  People also lost their virginities without getting people pregnant.

There were, however, a bunch of sick bitches just like Grace.  Really, you’re still interested in a guy who is in love with another girl, and knocked up another one?  Girlfriend, you’re hot, move on.  Better yet, move back to Jack because Madison’s voice is so grating that I’m not sure how much longer I can handle their relationship.

As for the main character, Miss Amy Juergens, we barely saw her this week! 

Damn straight, get in as much screentime with George Clooney as you can, Shaleine Woodley.  I agree that nobody should ruin Amy’s time in New York by telling her that her boyfriend impregnated another girl, but in real life somebody would’ve text messaged her so fast Ben wouldn’t even be able to stop it.

Ben should man up and get it done though.  Especially when his old man says “you’re damn right you’re gonna tell Amy.”  When it comes from ex-Soprano mob member, Bobby Baccalieri, that’s a direct order, kiddo.

She Went That A'way Review

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