The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "The Sounds of Silence"

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Now that the cat is out of the bag and Amy knows about Adrian’s pregnancy, things are starting to get a little crazy on Secret Life.  Finally! Some action!

Let’s kick off this review of "The Sounds of Silence" with what I like to call When Good Characters Go Bad. To wit:

Ashley, I’m lookin’ at you, kid.  I really always rooted for you.  But in this episode you crossed over from the wise younger sister to the immature, petty younger sister.  You’re in love with your sister’s baby daddy.  How could you not think he cares about her when they are raising a child together?  And then she leaves that voicemail telling Amy that she kissed Ricky? C’mon girl!  Get it together!

You’re supposed to be the anchored member of the Juergens family.

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As for the other Juergens, George and Anne are rekindling their love.  George dishes out a grand for a private room at a fancy schmancy restaurant and Anne ends up bailing.  Ashley and the babies come along and George lectures Ashley about her creepy love for Ricky.  Sigh. Young love, it just never makes sense!

Speaking of things that don’t’ make sense: Ben loves Amy, but she’s ignoring him, Ben got Adrian pregnant, and Ben also wants to date Grace.  I mean, what?!?  This isn’t Dylan McKay, when did this kid become such a babe magnet?  And might I add, if you’re trying to make amends with Amy, don’t bring a third girl onto your roster.  Grace is beyond pathetic; it’s hard to even write about her. 

The dance party with Jack and Co. in the guesthouse was cringeworthy.  No one goes to parties like that in high school and dances like that.

Lauren and her boyfriend are grossly horny for each other.  In other gross things on this show, Adrian was flirting with her OBGYN.  And it’s Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos.  Seriously, who is casting this sh*t?!?! For a supposedly family friendly show, they’re bringing a lot of actors who have been associated with violent roles.

Lastly, the queen bee of the show, Amy Juergens, breaks her silence by calling and reaching out to Adrian.  She knows being a teen mom is hard and real.  Whether this is an act of genuine maturity or some strange ploy... we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Sounds of Silence Review

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