Warehouse 13 Review: "Beyond Our Control"

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This week’s episode of Warehouse 13 brought a whole new level to those B-Movies we all loved as a kid.

Philip Winchester, as Raymond St. James in all the different roles, was a lot of fun to watch. It must have been fun for him to act out five minute of several different films.

The larger focus of "Beyond Our Control" story was on the the new characters from town that were introduced. Claudia met a cute new boy named Todd (granted, she did knock him out once, but she smooched him later, so I think they were even). More surprising was the bickering/flirting that Pete did with the vet Kelly (or "Dr. Hernandez." as she kept correcting him). 

I really hope we get to see Kelly again; it was great fun seeing Pete on edge around her.

Movie Set Scene

I'm not sure where they are going with Leena and the Pearl of Wisdom that MacPhearson used to control her. Mrs. Frederic and Mr. Valda said she was okay now, but at the end she had been sketching something that Mrs. Frederic took with her.

Anyone beside me kind of surprised that they haven’t shown H.G. Wells at all since the season premiere? Maybe I was expecting more from the ongoing story than just her being mentioned in an episode. It still feels like they are stalling a bit on that story line.

Lastly, I really enjoy that the writers are spending a few minutes at the end of the episode showing the entire gang being a bit more of a family. Last week, was Pete getting his surprise from Myka. This week, he invited them up to watch movies and eat popcorn.

All the while, Myka was teasing Claudia about Todd and how cute he was. This just reminded me that family is more than someone we share a last name with, it is about people we share our lives with. Remembering that, I am thankful for all of my family (related or not) every day.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Mr. Valda is up to something? Browse through our Warehouse 13 quotes section and sound off now.


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