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Tonight’s episode opened on the Wichita Army Proving Grounds in 1944 where an agent from Warehouse 13 shows up to shut down something called the Farnsworth project. Right after he said that there was a huge explosion at a building close by.

We then cut to Leena and Mrs. Frederic discussing Leena’s recent headaches. Mr. Valda arrived and explained that MacPherson may have left an echo of himself when he was controlling her and that could be causing the headaches.  Myka and Pete went into town to see if his items arrived, they found that the post office was closed due to budget cuts. As Myka and Pete leave strange things began happening in town.

Artie showed up with Claudia saying there must be an Artifact in town somewhere and the three of them need to find it. As the team continued to investigate they found several weird occurrences including cowboys, gladiators, and black/white mob men shooting at each other.

Pete figured out it has something to do with a specific actor, Raymond St. James movies in chronological order. Artie figured out that Philo Farnsworth had been working on a project in 1944 to using cameras to actually transmit holograms of an object. But it did more than a hologram, it sent more than just an image of an object, it projected a real object. When Warehouse 13 shut it down, only one of the two cameras devices Farnsworth made arrived at the warehouse. The team checked the post office that was shut down and found that the other half had been sitting in there all this time and now someone had taken it.

It turned out that the post office worker had taken it and was using it to watch the Raymond St. James movie marathon and every time she made popcorn in her microwave it was causing the image to be projected into town as real objects. To stop it from projecting the final image of Raymond St. James’ movie where he blows up an entire town the team repaired the second part of the device and gave the projector a new image overwriting the movie of something not dangerous.

Mr. Valda and Mrs Frederic were able to help Leena and it appeared she would be just fine. The whole team went to Pete’s room to watch another Raymond St. James movie and enjoy popcorn.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Pete: What happened?
Claudia: A gladiator just kicked your ass.

Myka: Are you hit?
Pete: No, but I think my underwear is shot.