Weeds Season Six to Feature Family "On the Run"

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Considering Shane clobbered Pilar over the head with a croquet mallet to conclude season five of Weeds, it should come as no shock that the Botwins won't be sticking around Mexico when this Showtime hit returns in August.

"Nancy would never leave her family behind so we're all on the run together. We pick up and move states. It's cool to see this family outside of their world," said Hunter Parrish, previewing storylines to come.

While rumors and spoilers have hinted at the group settling down in Seattle, Parrish tells TV Guide: "We've only had one consistent set in the nine out of thirteen episodes we've shot so far. We're filming on location a lot."  

Sitxh Season Poster

The young actor was also asked about the return of Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nancy's older sister Jill and replied:

"We didn't get to have any scenes with her. She shot her own thing which turns out to be a pivotal part of our storyline."  

As for the product the family will be selling (you didn't think they were going clean, did you?!?), Parrish also shed some light on the latest operation, headed by his mother, of course.    

"We have a whole new process this year. I have done my research for the show, ahem, so I can tell you that there is a different process in making hash. You don't need the butt. With hash, you can just use the trimmings - and it's a lot more intense!"

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