Bachelor Pad Review: He's Like, a Modern-Day Shakespeare

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We've said after each of the first two weeks of Bachelor Pad's run that it reminds us of a ripoff Big Brother with one exception - no characters we really care about watching.

Last night showed, if nothing else, that some of the Pad participants can bring the drama - and not just because they will "kiss every guy in the house for like twenty bucks."

From the onset, Gia was upset that Nikki backed out of the plan to oust Kiptyn, while Elizabeth conspired to boot Gia next, and the Meathead Alliance plotted its next move.

Amazingly, for all the nasty competitions on Big Brother, this one took the cake - the guys and girls had to vote, blindfolded, on the best kisser, having sampled ALL of them.

If that sounds appealing, you must not have watched. Seven girls mauling your face (sorry, six ... Ashley has too much respect for her students) in three minutes. Bleggh.

David and Peyton were the winners - in large part because they worked their respective magic and did not try to straight devour the blindfoldees. Amazing how that works.

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OFF TO THE RACES: Peyton must choose between three men ... and it's an easy call. [Photo: ABC]

David took Nikki, Natalie, and Krisily out on a Vegas-themed date, then had to send two of them home instantly. Natalie stuck around and promptly took off her clothes.

Peyton's date with Kiptyn, Jesse Kovacs, and Jesse Beck was much more casual, but its result equally obvious. Jesse Beck got a rose ... and a night in the fantasy suite.

The most intriguing, and ridiculous part of the episode came later, though.

Apparently never having watched The Bachelorette, despite being on The Bachelor, Gia was absolutely smitten by Wes singing his signature song, "Love Don't Come Easy."

Calling him a modern-day Shakespeare (LOL), Gia seems genuinely into the guy, and while Wes definitely got a bad rap on The Bachelorette, this is just puzzling to us.

Is she really not aware of that song from Wes' pursuit of Jillian Harris? Is she really falling for the crooner so hard as to gush about him on the brink of tears? Really, Gia?

Why would Gia go on the show if she has a boyfriend? Why would she begin the kissing contest, then bow out in tears, then fawn all over Wes? It makes no sense at all.

Then things grew strategic, because Wes is clearly his own man and wants to keep his girl, Gia, in the game for whatever reason. Strategic, sexual, both ... he's into her!

He attempted to influence the guys to break up a "couple."

Keep in mind that Kiptyn and Tenley Molzahn, Kovacs and Elizabeth and David and Natalie aren't really together, at least to hear the guys tell it ... yet they act like they are.

Again, this show is just confusing sometimes.

Unfortunately for Wes, he went a bit overboard trying to strongarm people, and the vote ended up in a tie for Gia and Elizabeth. As the tie-breaker, Dave kept Elizabeth.

Gia cried. Wonder how her boyfriend feels or if they are even still together after last night's episode aired. We know she was probably wasted, but some of the things ...

Anyway, the women targeted the Weatherman, because he's just not that cute and no one really likes him. Poor Weatherman. Maybe Craig M. will buy him a drink?

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