Big Brother Review: Britney Pockets the Veto

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Last night's Big Brother posed more questions than it answered, including:

  • Is Brendon serious with his "love" for Rachel? This girl is seriously, painfully annoying and yet Brendon professes his undying love for her, even as her voice reaches nails-on-chalkboard pitch and she shows zero regard for strategy.
  • Are Britney and Lane related? Or engaged? She was on the brink of pulling Hayden off the block, but Rachel suggesting she might put up Lane in his place (rather than desired target Kathy), then did a 180 instantly. Makes you think.
  • Do Hayden and Kristen make a cute couple? We're on the fence.
Rachel Reilly Picture

BRING IT: That's Rachel's message to anyone but Brendon.

In any case, Rachel seems content to think she can simply win every HoH and Veto competition from here on out, because she's almost reveling in the fact that everyone loathes her. Brendon realizes this is not smart, yet won't really come down on her either.

He's gotta be playing her, right?

We just don't see the connection with Brenchel. One week, if the circumstances aligned for him to throw her under the bus, it wouldn't be altogether shocking. Anyway ...

Britney won the POV competition for the second time in four weeks, edging out Hayden in the finals and sending him to solitary confinement for 24 hours to boot. Rough!

The most interesting part of last night's Big Brother was definitely the all-out push Hayden made to keep Kristen around by attempting to strike a fake alliance again.

If he were only concerned about his own fate, he wouldn't have gone to the effort of potentially having to screw someone over. He's got the votes and should be fine.

Yet he tried to orchestrate a deal to have Britney pull him off the block, and for Rachel to put up Kathy in his stead. Somehow, it looked like it was almost a done deal.

Rachel balked at the last-minute, though, and Britney pocketed the veto.

Does Rachel really think Lane is a floater, or did she throw that out there to spare Kathy and potentially make an ally of her later? Do we give Rache that much credit?

Who knows. Therein lies the genius of Big Brother, too - lots of strategy, lying and competing, all amid cattiness, showmances and all-out brawls. This season is great.

"You’re a homo sapien, Brendon! You’re not a wizard!" - Britney. That's the quote of the night, as Meow Meow mocked Brendon getting into his Wizard role as POV host.

Brendon gets props from us, though. Why not play along with it, right?

Second place for quote of the night? Anything said by Lane and Enzo, especially in their joint interview. These guys are hilarious and by far our two favorites so far.

We'll be down to one showmance no matter how the votes fall tonight. Kristen and Hayden's fate was likely sealed a week ago by Andrew's startling speech on the way out.

Krayden/Histen are fairly cute, we have to admit. The scene where they were holding hands (fingertips) under the door was sweet. But it's definitely time for her to go.

With the Brigade in Hayden's camp, he's got a 3-0 lead with four votes needed to stay. A Kristen sweep of the remaining votes for would be nothing short of stunning.

What did you think of last night's Big Brother, and who do you think is going home in tonight's live eviction? Is Brenchel for real? Are you sad Krayden is ending?

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