Dexter Spoilers: Beware of The Dark Passenger...

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When season five of Dexter premieres on September 26, our serial killing hero will feel an overwhelming sense of guilt in the wake of Rita's death.

Does this mean he'll give up his murderous ways? Don't count on it.

"The Dark Passenger is going to be harder than ever to keep in his place," producer Sara Colleton told E! News. "The Dark Passenger is going to come in unexpected ways when Dexter least wants it."

A Single Father

What else can the cast and crew share about the upcoming season? From a crowded apartment to a mysterious new female, prepare to be spoiled below...

Michael C. Hall on his living arrangement: "Dexter and the kids are back in the apartment with Deb. There's a desire on Dexter's part to get them out of the environment where this happened."

Remember Elliot? Dexter's neighbor will play a key role: "There will be some scenes between [Dexter and Elliot], and some tension," Hall says. "Along with interaction with Dexter, Elliot will have interaction with Quinn regarding the nature of the affair or dalliance or whatever it was that."

Dexter as a suspect: "His wife is dead, and at the scene of the crime Dexter says he did it," Desmond Harrington said. "He suspects [his partner's] brother of this horrific thing but never wants to broach this topic with her."

More on Julia Stiles: Says Colleton: "She plays a character who is literally thrust into Dexter's life and comes with a lot of baggage and damage at a time when he doesn't want to have any. Dexter has been so burned by thinking he could have human friends and emotions, and right now all his energy is just trying to figure out what these feelings are, with his kids and his sister. It's an interesting relationship, and she plays her part in how he eventually achieves self-forgiveness. What's more human than that?"

Hall also confirmed that a sixth season is all but guaranteed. Before that takes place, of course, Showtime will air 13 new episodes of the series. TV Fanatic will cover each one in depth. We can't wait!

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