Jeremy Davidson to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

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Brothers & Sisters' one-year flash-forward may be written off as a cheap gimmick by some, but there is serious upside - like glossing over a lot of really sad stuff!

In other words, we get to bypass Kitty grieving after the loss of Robert - we still think Robert's dead, despite what Gilles Marini says - and see her back in the game.

Enter Army Wives star Jeremy Davidson as Kitty’s first significant love interest since the tragic accident that (by all credible accounts) claimed her husband's life.

That was the Season 4 finale, however, and this is now. A full year later.

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Jeremy Davidson is coming to Brothers & Sisters.

According to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, who broke the story, the two will meet in Ojai, where Kitty has been holed up during her year of transition.

“He’s very different than Robert,” says executive producer David Marshall Grant of Davidson's character, “and a very different guy than the kind Kitty’s been with her whole life.”

Davidson, who in real life is married to Mary Stuart Masterson, is slated to debut in late October or early November. It's unclear how long he'll be sticking around.

Brothers & Sisters' fifth season debuts September 26.

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