Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami Review: "Man in the Mirror"

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We've all known how badly Scott Disick sucks for months, but did Kourtney Kardashian finally see the light last night on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami?

We doubt it, but it made for compelling reality television.

In brief, Kourtney realized Scott has been pulling BS and has a problem ... or 19. She and Kim, filling in for the absent Khloe, spend the day on a yacht.

When they get home, the apartment smells of weed. Scott's messed up and when Kourtney confronts him, he grabs her wrist. She slaps him in the face.

She and Kim leave the apartment and sleep at Loren's.

When Scott wakes up, he freaks out, punches the mirror and injures his hand, sending him to the hospital. Poor guy. We feel so bad for him (not really).

Kourtney and Scott

If it walks like a douche and talks like a douche ...

Kourtney says she won’t go back to him until he gets help, and for what it's worth, this was probably the most real a reality show these days can get.

It's common knowledge that Scott Disick is crazy, and that everyone was thrown off by this outburst. The cameramen had to call the producers for help.

When one of the stars is that out of control, you can't fake the drama. Well, you can still probably fake 80 percent of it, but hey. It threw us for a loop.

Kourtney and Kim were visibly scared, and it was altogether a very messed up situation. All we could think of was just how sad this is for baby Mason.

The next day, Scott apologizes profusely and ends up in surgery, and while Kourt wanted to be there, she needed to do what’s best for her and Mason.

On a random side note, Kim, who is not even a star on the show, is still upset about her breakup with Reggie Bush. She brings it up out of nowhere.

All she wants is to find a mate who will accept her for who she is (and to get her own reality show like her sisters). Don’t we all, Kim? Don't we all.

Man in the Mirror Review

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