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This week’s episode of Lie to Me, "Headlock," brought back Gillian’s suitor Dr. Dave Burns back into the picture in a major way.

I was happy to see him again, as I previously mentioned - I had my fingers crossed we would.

So I should have known that nothing is ever simple with Lightman and Gillian. This includes her dating Dr. Burns, aka Marco G., aka Dave Ellstrom DEA agent.

I am torn on him now. On one hand, he risked everything to tell her the truth to not lose her. But on the other hand, can she truly trust someone who spends so much time under cover?

While they seem to have crossed this first hurdle easily enough, my bigger concern is that the writers will decide to he is okay to kill off in a big splashy way and leave Gillian scared for years. If any of the writers from the show happen to read this review, please, for me, if you have to write Dave off the show, just have them break up like normal people.

Foster and Burns

I did really like the last 5 minutes of the episode where Gillian, Lightman and Dave were talking and Lightman went protective best-friend on her. It was great to see very light-hearted banter Gillian and Lightman had going on.

Lightman talking to Dave reminded me of some of the conversations I overheard my friends have with my wife when we first started dating. First they embarrassed me and then they would go super protective of me. It really is the sign of a good friend. How many of you reading this has been through the gauntlet of introducing a new person to your close friends?

It’s tough to say the least.

So we all knew Lightman was not a straight-laced kind of guy. Did anyone peg him as the type to go to illegal street fights? I don’t think it was totally out of character, especially given he was doing it as 80% research on reading faces.  Tim Roth has a few tattoos and by proxy (since they don’t cover them) so does Cal Lightman. I think it is nice that we get to see that Lightman is not a bookworm scholar that he has gotten his skills by being around people. It’s really brings something unique to the character.

I am not sure if I missed Agent Bernard Dylan in a previous episode from season one. But the awesome way the writers covered his character in tonight’s episode made it clear I didn’t need to see that episode. I enjoyed Bernard proving Lightman wrong on what he would have done. It speaks to the character of Bernard that even though they had differences in the past, that he respected Lightman enough to not be blind to the truth and work with him to catch the real killer.

What did you think? Do you trust Dave? Do you trust Bernard? We want to hear from you. Chime in - and check out some of last night's Lie to Me quotes - below:

Lightman: Talk amongst yourself for a moment. Dave, she's my best friend, just handle with care.
Gillian: Don't let him scare you off.
Lightman: I thought I said...
Gillian: Talk amongst myself? I got bored.
Lightman: Really? | permalink
Lightman: It's been donkey's years since she had a bit of fun. | permalink
Agent Dylan: Do you take me for a fool?
Lightman: I am not taking you for a tool.
Agent Dylan: FOOL!
Lightman: Whatever. | permalink
Agent Dylan: You're interest in Raul was strictly professional.
Lightman: 100%...uh... 90% ok, actually 80%. | permalink
Agent Reynolds: We need your help with a murder case.
Lightman: Sure, who you want me to kill? | permalink
Lightman: I go to the fights to look at faces.
Ria: Yea, and you read Playboy for the articles. | permalink

Headlock Review

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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Lightman: I go to the fights to look at faces.

Ria: Yea, and you read Playboy for the articles.

Agent Reynolds: We need your help with a murder case.
Lightman: Sure, who you want me to kill?