True Blood Round Table: "Night on the Sun"

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From multiple sex scenes to a revenge-fueled murder to the shortest break-up in TV history, last night's True Blood episode was another riveting ride.

As always, TV Fanatic staff members have gathered together to analyze the latest developments. We encourage readers to chime in with their opinions on the topics below...

What was your favorite True Blood quote from the episode?
M.L. House: How could it not be Russell's description of Sookie as a "special cunt?" Forgive the language, but if you're a viewer of True Blood, I doubt you mind.

The Barnacle: Eric and Talbot's exchange right befre they got it on. It was Eric's first time in awhile. "With a man?" No, he replied: "With a Vampire."   Oh, True Blood, you and your crazy, ambiguous vampire sex.

Mrs. Northman: It may sound sappy - but my favorite quote was when Jason said: What is it about you Crystal? Why do you make me feel this way? When she asked what he meant, Jason replied: Like I'm home. It was so sweet! Tear!

ViddWizard: This was actually said by one of the two women I was watching True Blood with when Alcide was standing on the porch with Sookie: "Man, I would so shag the grey out of his beard!" I laughed so hard I had to write it down!

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Which was the most surprising sexual escapade: Eric and Talbot; Jesus and Lafayette; Jason and Crystal; Bill and Sookie?
M.L. House: Jesus and Lafayette. I thought the former was against premarital sex.

The Barnacle: Definitely, Eric and Talbot.  I mean, come on, none of the other couples were kinky enough to bring in stakes.

Mrs. Northman: I would have to go with Eric and Talbot. Bill and Sookie would take a good second, but seeing my Mr. Northman with another man (well, with anyone for that matter), just broke my heart.

ViddWizard: Bill and Sookie. She was having vivid scary flashbacks that day looking at a scrapbook with one picture in it, and then they went at it among the broken furniture, broken glass, right on the floor that night. Really?!?

Are you happy Bill and Sookie are back together?
M.L. House: No. Sookie needs some new blood - literally! We've all choked our sexual partners during a violent session among broken glass and spilled blood and we all know: those types of reconciliations never last.

The Barnacle: Eh. I felt more chemistry in Sookie's hug with Alcide than her riding of Bill this week.

Mrs. Northman: I think so. What's with Bill being the bad guy? There's a reason why all the light people were scared of him...I just hope he turns out to be good. It really does seem like he truly loves her.

ViddWizard: Sookie was right when she said that she knows how Bill feels being afraid of yourself and she knew he was dangerous. So I am more happy she is not starting back with him with rose colored glasses on. 

What the heck is Crystal?
M.L. House: By my count, she's Jason's 478th conquest. He still trails Tiger Woods by a couple dozen.

The Barnacle: Since luckily no one has spoiled this one for me, I'm going with a random guess.  She seems like some sort of woodland nymph/fairy-type thing.  Maybe it's her weird look or maybe it's when she ran to the forest with Jason.

Mrs. Northman: Is she a were-something? Maybe not a werewolf, but another "supernatural" creature. Obviously Sam and his bro picked up on their unusual sent for a reason.

ViddWizard: Given the way her dad spoke "shifter" as an insult to Sam, and that Crystal swam to Jason's to avoid them finding her sent, I am going to guess some sort of were-creature. Are there others just werewolves in the area in that case?

Pen a eulogy for Talbot.
M.L. House: Roses are red, sweet Talbot, and violets are blue. May you rest in a decadent heaven, surrounded by opulence, bodyguards and plenty of vampires to screw.

The Barnacle: May you enjoy a place in the afterlife where guests do not rudely splatter their brains on your linens and you feast upon endless gourmet courses of blood.  You will be missed.

Mrs. Northman: You were a fine specimen of a vampire and your brief, yet very humorous role will be dearly missed. Hopefully, the afterlife will be filled with the finer things that this world offered you. May you rest in peace. Hopefully, you learned your lesson in trying to get with MY man.

ViddWizard: Our friend Talbot has gone to his final death. Talbot, while your style, flair, and impeccable taste for antiques will be sorely missed, sadly the stain you made on the Persian never will never be. Rest well, dear friend, and know that we will uses the softest Brazilian silk gloves to scoop you up and the best Waterford Crystal to store what remains of you in. Only the finest things for you dear Talbot, only the finest.

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