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Sookie and Bill started this episode by breaking up, and ended it by making mad love while covered in blood.

Initially, they agreed that Sookie could never have the life she wants as long as she's dating a vampire. This led to a split, and to Sookie almost kissing Alcide. The two of them shared a nice moment when he was forced to leave because Debbie burned down his sister's salon. They said they hope to see each other again in the future.

Bill, meanwhile, was depressed when he got home and tried to "free" Jessica, but she wouldn't leave. She didn't want to be alone and she needed more training. Bill agreed and showed her how to fight and move.

Toward the end of the episode, Debbie and a couple werewolves attacked Sookie, at the behest of Russell. But Bill and Jessica showed up. They helped fight them off, with Jessica tracking one down in the woods and devouring him. Sookie took the fight to Debbie and forced her out, meanwhile, while Russell was close to killing Bill. But he then heard the tortured call of Talbot and flew away. What happened? Eric, while getting it on with Talbot, staked him through the back as revenge for his family.


- Crystal turned to Jason for help after she was beat up. They had sex. Jason then went over to her father's place and caught some guy there eating a deer. He threatened Crystal's dad, and is as confused as we are regarding what these people are.

- Lafayette's mom showed up at his place, Jesus came over to help and these two also ended up having sex.

- A new waitress named Holly was hired by Arlene at Merlotte's. Arlene also had a nightmare about Renee and the baby.

- Tara is pissed at vampires due to her attack by Franklin. She and Sookie aren't getting along as a result, but Tara doesn't want to talk about it.

- The Queen moved in to Russell's place.

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True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I don't know how to start forgiving you. I don't know if I ever will.

Sookie [to Bill]

Sook, say something. You brain damaged?


True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Music

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Song Tea Biscuit Eduardo Ponsdomenech
Till you lay down your heavy load Till You Lay Down Your Heavy Load Eilen Jewel iTunes
Dynamite and whiskey Dynamite and Whiskey Fred Eaglesmith iTunes