Castle Casting Rumors: Alexander Skarsgard and Jennifer Love Hewitt?!?

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Castle is taken in as a murder suspect on the September 20 return of Castle. But that's not even the most intriguing scoop on the new season:

Producer Andrew Marlowe says he's hoping to line up a pair of big name guest stars: Alexander Skarsgard and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"If she joins us for the show, we have a great role for her that would get her very involved in everything," Marlowe told TV Guide of the latter, while star Jon Huertas says of the True Blood actor:

"We were going to offer him a role in this next episode that we're filming, but he's in Hawaii working on Battleship... but he wants to work on the show."

Come with Her

Among other season three spoilers, as relayed to that publication:

  • Castle and Beckett will head to Los Angeles on a case.
  • Castle will NOT react well to his daughter's first relationship.
  • Marlowe says a few of the supporting characters will have more screen time. A Lanie-centric episode is on the way, for example, as the producer said: "We're really looking to open these guys up and show some different aspects."

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