Exclusive Interview: Kristoffer Polaha on a "Big Shift" for Baze

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In anticipation of tonight's Life Unexpected premiere, we're talking to the show's main players.

First, it was an exclusive interview with Brittany Robertson. Now, we ask Kristoffer Polaha what's ahead for Baze on the second season of this CW favorite...

You seemed confident all along that the show would receive a renewal. How come?
I think as far as the network goes, The CW has something special and rare. I just assumed that they would be crazy to cancel it. The numbers that we have are the numbers that we have, and they are respectable. On Facebook, which is an interesting way to sort of track who's watching and where, people throughout Europe and South American [have helped it] become this global engine that could. The story is so good and the characters are so good.

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You mentioned Facebook. Why is it so important for you to connect with fans?
First off, it's a really interesting social experiment that I've decided to undergo since last year. I started a personal page and I would tell them when to watch the show and to keep in touch. Someone told me to start a fan page for people I didn't know that wanted to join, so I had two people on it. When Life Unexpected started, it started growing. When someone asks me a question I can answer. I think it comes from my theater roots. You would do a performance and then people would wait backstage or outside the stage door and you could talk to them. These people are my bread and butter. My fans are the reasons why I make choices about my character. It's as a sign of gratitude, I'm honored that they want to talk to me.

What can we look forward to this season?
Everything changes. Everything that we know and love about Life Unexpected, the essence and everything we love will stay the same, but the perimeters within which these characters live, everything changes. It changes for Cate, it changes for Baze, the dynamic within the way Lux is living her life changes. I will tell you that Baze respects the institution of marriage, so you will not see shenanigans between Cate and Baze now that she's married to Ryan, but you'll see what it means to be married, and they're going to go through a lot of growing pains.

Any spoilers you can give us?
There's a big shift in what Baze does. He ends up working for his father for certain reason. He ends up working at this wealth management firm that his dad owns and starts meeting some new women. We'll see a few new love interests for Baze, which is always fun. Math gets a little love interest and goes on a date with a hot girl.

Is there hope for Cate and Baze?
Yeah. I do think that Baze loves Cate and the more he gets to know her and see what kind of mother she is. Cate taps into such a primal point in Baze's, they're tapped in on a level that she and Ryan will never be in on. There's something really deep there, and you'll see it.

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