Glee Round Table: "Brittany/Britney"

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The debate is raging in our Glee forum: what did you think of this week's Britney Spears tribute episode?

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round table, a trio of staff writers take on this same topic. Chime in on the issues analyzed below...

What was your favorite Brittany quote from the episode?
M.L. House: I was laughing so hard from the entire "Brittany S. Pierce" monologue that I may have missed parts of it, so let's give it to that quote as a whole. The girl has been tormented by her name!

LJ Gibbs: "Please don't pull out all my teeth. I'll look like an adult baby, but with boobs."

The Barnacle: It was subtle and in the background of a scene, but she compared Jacob's hair to a "Jewish cloud." Amazing.

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Give the episode a grade.
M.L. House: D minus. I most went over this in my review. I adore Glee, but I adore it for the characters this show has created and the relationships they've forged with those around them. Give me musical numbers that emphasize those aspects of the show, not recreated Britney Spears videos with Brittany and Rachel simply mimicking the pop star.

LJ Gibbs: B. I agree with my colleague above: this episode did a poor job tying its songs into the ongoing plot. But I never tuned in to Glee for the plot anyway. It's simply unlike any other series on TV and this installment merely emphasized that point.

The Barnacle: I can't give it higher than a C for one reason: not nearly enough Sue Sylvester. I also think the idea of Artie joining the football team is just lame. Of course that's illegal. I'm on board for outlandish Glee characters, but the show does take place in some semblance of reality, right?

What was your favorite song from the episode?
M.L. House: Toxic was one of my favorite numbers on the show to date. It took a classic single, mixed up the beat, gave us a chance to see Will actually perform with the group and played into the storyline of him trying to impress Emma. Perfect all around.

LJ Gibbs: Gonna go with "I'm a Slave 4 U" because it was such an incredible showcase for Heather Morris. This may be considered sacrilegious, but I'm going there: she's a better singer/dancer than Britney.

The Barnacle: Sorry, but I need to go with the one non-Britney single. Lea Michele sang "The Only Exception" beautifully and it fit perfectly into her plot with Will.

Who will break up first: Tina and Mike or Rachel and Finn?
M.L. House: Sheesh, negative much?!? I'd like to see both remain together for awhile, but would pick Rachel and Finn if I must choose. It's nothing against them, but no way Tina dumps Mike. Who would break up with The Situ-Asian?!?

LJ Gibbs: Tina and Mike. I prefer the latter as a background character because then I forget about him and can be surprised when he shows up and blows us away with his dance moves. Plus, I'm confident Artie will win Tina back over.

The Barnacle: It's a trick question! The answer is Emma and Carl because the former is destined to end up with Will.

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