House Preview: Where Does Huddy Go From Here?

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The season seven premiere of House is titled "Now What?" and for good reason:

In May, the show concluded season six by finally hooking up its title character with long-time love Cuddy. But she was on the verge of an engagement... and these two work together... and they often butt heads, facts that have fans wondering where the two go now that they're actually a couple.

Dating and Working Together

Producer Katie Jacobs says the season premiere will focus on this exact issue, as House and Cuddy talk things out and certain issues are addressed. For example:

"Are people going to treat them differently because they are a couple now?" Jacobs said to TV Guide. "And because they're openly in love, is Cuddy going to say yes more often [to House] or try to prove to herself that she is not favoring him and say no more often?"

The producer also assures fans that the characters "essentially have not changed."

"It's not that Cuddy thinks she's going to somehow change him. She knows how House is. She just wants to wants to try to be with a man who continues to take her breath away."

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