House Season Premiere Spoilers: What is His Secret?

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House premieres next Monday on Fox. Does it live up to the hype?

Fancast says yes, and offers some scoop on the opener today.

For one, "Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein act almost exclusively opposite each other in their scenes, resulting in an intense character study, à la last season’s premiere."

Throughout much of the episode, however, there's a certain tension in the air. House is withholding a huge secret from Cuddy. Any theories on what that could be?

Happy Huddy

What is House keeping from Cuddy?

Regarding the photos of House and Cuddy's vacation at the beach, none of those scenes have surfaced in any promos. But at least two trips are planned for the big premiere.

As for non-Huddy news, there's a patient who's a pretty important doctor at Princeton Plainsboro, and the episode reportedly closes with a twist viewers may not see coming.

Also, there's this last tidbit: Chase drops a huge question at Thirteen’s footsteps – at what either is the best or worst-possible time. Comments and guesses are welcome ...

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