Warehouse 13 Round Table: "Reset"

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Our critic had his heart broken by the season finale of Warehouse 13 on Tuesday night. Read why NOW.

Then, join in on the following Round Table discussion between our staff writer and a trio of fans, as they analyze various aspects of the episode "Reset."

What was your favorite quote from the season finale?
ViddWizard: "Can I hug you?" as said by Claudia. She is so awesome. Her and Artie are turning into father and daughter on so many levels.

ARochelle: “Who are you supposed to be, Jerusalem Jones?” was pretty awesome.

Warehousefan101: "Well, hike up your skirt 'cause we have a bad guy to catch." - Myka

Enoyhs:  It wouldn't be a quote, but the actions of Pete when he was flying with Icarus wings.

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Do you think we have seen the last of H.G. Wells?
ViddWizard: Maybe wishful thinking, but I think she will be back. Adwin Kosan seemed a bit suspicious about how he didn't put her back in bronze and wouldn't say where they were taking her.

ARochelle: I don't think we've seen the last of H.G. They would have bronzed her and they didn't. That can only mean they want to bring her back at some point.

Warehousefan101: I can see them bringing her back. After she gets some much needed help, though.

Enoyhs:  I'm almost sure that this isn't last of H.G. As others already mentioned, they didn't bronze her, so we can see her again. Not sure how and when, but I really hope that happens.

Do you think Artie makes a good father figure for Claudia?
ViddWizard: Absolutely! They make a cute, dysfunctional family in need of therapy. But a family nonetheless.

ARochelle: Poor Claudia has never really had a father figure until she joined the warehouse and Artie doesn't have a family of his own (that I know of). Of course their mutual respect and familial feelings are obvious, despite Artie's almost playful resistance to it.

Warehousefan101: I don't know if I can say he makes a "good" father figure, but he is one regardless. I agree with ARochelle, Claudia hasn't had a father figure aside from Joshua and I think Artie fits into the mold quite nicely

Enoyhs: Not so sure about good, but he really tries. And that is one of main characteristics of father figure.

Is Myka really gone for good?
ViddWizard: As much as I had rooted against her and wanted H.G. as an agent, I doubt she is gone for good. But then again, I was wrong about H.G.

ARochelle: Of course Myka isn't gone for good! It's almost silly that she even bothered to walk off like that. She knows they'll come after her right away. I understand why she left but it really wasn't necessary.

Warehousefan101: I do believe that Myka will be back. There might be a few episodes that she might "help" Pete and Artie but not want to be a part of it, at least not until Pete talks some sense into her. Besides, I think, as cliché as it is, that Myka and Pete are each other’s soulmates

Enoyhs: We will definitely see her more, but returning to Warehouse that is another thing. I bet Pete will really try to get her back.

What did you think overall of season two?
ViddWizard: I think it was an excellent season. The addition of Claudia as a full cast member made a huge difference in the dynamics and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait for season three!

ARochelle: I thought their sophomore season was pretty great. I came into the show midway through season one (thanks hubby!) and they've managed to keep the ideas fresh and interesting. Can't wait for season three!

Warehousefan101:  They took a bit longer to get around to the whole H.G. Wells thing, but it was still very good. I do have to say that I could have done with a larger cliffhanger like last year, though.

Enoyhs: It was really great! I can't believe it has only been two seasons, feels like a lot more to me.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Artie: Resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price
Pete: Yeah, look at Mickey Rourke.

Artie? Who are you suppose to be Jerusalem Jones?