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Tonight’s episode picked up where we left off last week with Pete and Myka in Warehouse 2 and they awoke to find it filling with sand. Myka and Pete find the wings made by Daedalus and flew up to a hatch at the top of warehouse 2. The hatch to the top blew open and they found Artie outside.

Back at Warehouse 13, the team figured out a spear was missing for Warehouse 2. They determined that Wells might be trying to bring back her daughter. In Paris Myka and Pete figured out where Wells daughter was buried at and when they go there found a man stuck in some form of tar and Wells having taken a handle from the coffin. Artie figured out the Handle belonged to the spear as it was actually a trident.

Wells sent Kelly Lizzy Borden’s compact and when Pete went to see her she tried to kill him. Meanwhile Myka and Artie tracked Wells to Yellowstone where she was planning on purging the planet of corruption by beginning a new ice age. Claudia prevented Kelly from killing Pete but Kelly did not react well afterwards.

Artie attempted to shoot Wells but instead took the damage as she was wearing an artifact that transferred the damage to him. Myka was able to convince Wells not to use the trident and destroy the world. She was taken away and the Regent Kosan said the less Pete and Myka knew the better.

Kelly broke up with Pete, she told him his life was too exciting and that she was not the one for him. Back at the warehouse Myka convinced Pete that the warehouse life was for him. She then gave Mrs. Frederic a letter to give to Artie in which she quit. Pete went running out the door as she drove away.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Artie: Resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price
Pete: Yeah, look at Mickey Rourke.

Artie? Who are you suppose to be Jerusalem Jones?