How I Met Your Mother Review: "Unfinished"

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On last night's How I Met Your Mother, "Unfinished," Barney went to his play book to woo Ted into designing the new Goliath National Bank headquarters, while Lily tried to get Robin to delete Don’s phone number after she drunk dialed him repeatedly (and hilariously).

I didn’t care much for all the Star Wars / Death Star architecture lines. I feel like that joke was made during Family Guy’s "Blue Harvest" episode. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a huge fan of the “galaxy far far away.” The references just seemed forced to me.

All Business

GETTING THE YES: Barney alllllways does.

I did, however, love the Wassup reference Lily made when recounting her dojo ordeal.

Drunk Robin was back and had an axe to grind. She planned to use that axe to kill Don after seeing him on the news stirred up her emotions. Her drunk dials were fantastically dark.

Deep dish Don face pizza and a Bears game, that’s a pretty solid weekend.

Anyone notice how Robin dialed Don’s phone the last time by only hitting one button, though? All I heard was one beep and then some woman on the other end who didn’t speak English. Maybe Don finally smartened up and changed his number.

Lily wore on me a bit with the “Where’s the poop, Robin,” and the karate dojo scenes were shrug and “eh” evoking. Would have much preferred the final scene to be one of Marshal and his band, The Funk, The Whole Funk and Nothing But the Funk in the recording studio or playing some bar mitzvah or law school graduation party.

“I sentence you to a life of funk. Counselor, how do you plead? Funky!”

Also, Lily, I’m pretty sure wearing sneakers into a karate class is a major no-no as well as an unfair advantage.

Barney put his patented moves on Ted in an attempt to get the “yes.” Sticking to the playbook he first ignored Ted, issued the back handed compliments about his hair to lower his self-esteem, then bragged about himself in the form of a complaint.

He capped off the exercise with the intense eye contact while establishing intimacy through physical contact and, ultimately, he got the Yes from Ted.

Barney got the Yes from me as well. I hope everyone goes online to purchase a tie from Warriors in Pink so we all can Suit Up against breast cancer.

Join the cause to find a cure and together, WE RIDE!

Some of last night's top How I Met Your Mother quotes ...

Barney: Fine I'll have a three way with Hot and Kinda Hot while Giggles works the camera. I ride! | permalink
Ted: All that stupid crap they tell you about how fulfilling teaching is, it's all true. | permalink
Marshall: You cant let fear steal your funk. That is good, there's a song in there. Excuse me. | permalink
Karate punk: I hated kindergarten, all three times. | permalink
Robin: 'This just in' is what I'm going to say when I'm stabbing you. | permalink
Barney: Ted I admire your loyalty. You've had that hairstyle forever. You don't care that it's out of style or that it's been co-opted by the lesbian community. You stick with it. To Ted! | permalink
Barney: Chrissie I love your glasses. They totally pull focus up from that whole chin situation you got going on. To Chrissie! | permalink
Barney: Do you remember how awesome it was to be coworkers, nay ... Bro-workers? | permalink
Barney: Call me old fashioned but I need to have sex with a girl at least three times before I'll even consider having dinner with her. | permalink
Barney: Golden Rule. I do not buy dinner to get the Yes. Dinner is a very intimate activity. It requires a level of connection and eye contact that sex just doesn't. | permalink
Barney: Barney Stinson allllllllllllllways gets the yes. | permalink
Robin: I'm going to kill you. I'm going to fly to Chicago, kill you, put your stupid face on a deep dish pizza and eat it. And then maybe catch a Bears game. But mostly the killing and eating your face thing. | permalink
Robin: Hey Don here's some breaking news ... there's a zit breaking out on your forehead! | permalink
Lily: Where's the poop Robin? | permalink

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Hey Don here's some breaking news ... there's a zit breaking out on your forehead!


Where's the poop Robin?