Life Unexpected Review: "Honeymoon Interrupted"

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Life Unexpected seriously brought it in last night's episode, "Honeymoon Interrupted."

I know I'm not the only one who has been dying to find out who Julia is and not only did we find out this week, but Cate did as well!

Eric and Lux

I knew there had to be a dark side Ryan was trying to hide, but the pregnant reveal completely shocked me. Way to wrap it up, dude. Seriously, what a bonehead.

Also, I expected Cate to take the truth a bit more dramatically. Ryan has hid Julia for over three years. Not once did he ever mention who she was and when he was questioned about it, he lied to her face. Even Paige was surprised that Cate didn't know who Julia was. Obviously, Ryan still must have feelings for this woman.

As much as I loved Jamie Ray Newman on Eastwick, she really pushed my buttons as Julia. Okay, so we may not know the entire story, but why would she send a wedding gift? Obviously, she would know that this would cause questions on Cate's end.

I know this definitely is not the last we see of Julia. Hopefully, she doesn't show up at Cate's door with a baby.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot that Cate went to Baze the night before her wedding asking him if he loved her. Baze always knows how to put his foot in his mouth. I'm always surprised that Ryan has yet to kick the living sh*t out of him.

All I know is this relationship has DOOM written all over it. First, Cate's promiscuous with Baze and then questions herself if she loves him. then, Ryan cheats on Cate and possibly impregnates his ex, "the one that got away." And they both don't know if they would have gone through with the marriage if things worked out differently.

For reasons above, I just don't like these two together anymore. I am still a huge fan of Cate and Baze... although, by the looks of it, he's moved on to Emma.

Do you like Emma for Baze? I think he nailed it on the head when he said that she was like Cate. Both women are uptight, hard working, no nonsense type of ladies. I can see these two being happy together, I just don't think that they are MFEO.

Sometimes I look at Lux and I want to yell at her to stop being such a kid. Then I realize she is just a kid. She's only 16 and although she tries to act like an adult, no one that young is an adult. Her feelings for Eric are apparent and I'm surprised no one has picked up on it. Especially Paige. Was she really sleeping throughout their whole dialog in front of her?

Now that Eric no longer is Lux's tutor, do you think this means he's over his feelings for her? Or he did this so that they could be closer? I'm not sure what his motives are.

I really LOVED the episode. It was jam packed with drama. What did you think? Do you think Ryan and Cate will be able to move past all their heartache?

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from last night:

Baze: So I'm going balls out, sort to speak. I like you Emma. I think you're crazy hot and scary as hell. | permalink
Ryan: Cate, what would you have done, not now, but then, if he had told you he loved you? Would you have called off the wedding?
Cate: I don't know. | permalink
Cate: So what? I'm just supposed to be okay that she's not pregnant? What if she were pregnant, would you have called off the wedding?
Ryan: I don't know. | permalink
Lux: Why do you care? Why do you care if I show up for stupid tutoring or not?
Eric: Because maybe tutoring is the only way I can spend time with you without it being wrong. It's the only thing we can actually do together. | permalink
Paige: Like I don't know how to take care of a teenager for a couple days. Apple or chocolate martini?
Lux: Apple.
Paige: Good choice! Baze said to make sure you have fruit. | permalink
Baze: That's what she said, it's scary how alike you are. | permalink
Lux:(to Ryan) Shower curtains for walls is not exactly sound proof. | permalink

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(to Ryan) Shower curtains for walls is not exactly sound proof.


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