Mad Men Round Table: "Tomorrowland"

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Mad Men concluded its fourth season with a surprise pregnancy, an unexpected company savior, a proposal and the (permanent?) return of Dick Whitman.

Were you happy with Don's choice of Megan? Which development in "Tomorrowland" surprised you most? We tackle these questions and more in the latest edition of the Mad Men Round Table and we encourage readers to chime in with their thoughts...

Is Megan the right choice for Don?
M.L. House: I think she's the right choice for Dick Whitman, who Don happily reverted back to on the finale. But there's a bit of Don Draper in him now, too. It's not all an act. That's why Faye would have been a better choice. She could handle both sides of this complicated man, as proven when she didn't leave after Don explained the truth about his identity, and also helped him on multiple professional fronts.

Quiet Pool: Absolutely. Did you see her clean up that milkshake?  Seriously, Faye was just too much for Don.  Megan is smart, great with the kids, loving and somewhat innocent. And she puts that gigantic grin on Don's face.  That's good enough for me.

LJ Gibbs: No. I don't trust her. Didn't she come on a little too strong? Seem a little too perfect? Isn't it possible it's all an act because she just wants to be Mrs. Don Draper and will eventually go all Betty-like once she learns this supposedly ideal life isn't so ideal?

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More surprising: Joan not getting the abortion, Don telling Sally about his "Dick" nickname or Ken/Peggy saving SCDP?
M.L. House: Developments at SCDP all around were the most surprising to me, or lackthereof, really. I figured the company would be the focus of the episode, but who would have guessed Ken could have been so prescient early on, when he scoffed at the notion of his "life" being interrupted or ruined by work? Don didn't understand the distinction at the time. He clearly does now.

Quiet Pool: Joan keeping the baby and Peggy landing a big client weren't surprising to me, so I'd have to go with Don telling Sally that he was, in fact, Dick.  It is still so difficult for the man to open up about anything to anyone, that any little bit of information he reveals is surprising.  Even if he only said it was a nickname, it's still closer to the truth than anything he would have said in season two.

LJ Gibbs: The only Joan-related surprise for me will be if Greg does NOT die in Vietnam. I also must go with the Dick reference, as any true Mad Men fan must have been holding his/her breath when Sally asked that question.

Will Betty's marriage to Henry last?
M.L. House: Yes, as in: they won't get a divorce. But it won't be a happy existence for either side.

Quiet Pool: I don't believe so.  Either she'll get tired of it and need something new again, or Henry will come to his senses and drop this crazy broad.  You can't get as angry as Mr. Francis was in this episode, on a consistent basis, and continue with your life the way it is currently going.

LJ Gibbs: No, but only because I think something tragic will happen. I thought Betty might attempt suicide last night and it wouldn't shock me if this eventually does take place.

Give the fourth season a grade.
M.L. House: It has to be an A, if only for Jon Hamm's versatility from the premiere to the finale. He gave us every conceivable side of Don Draper, sometimes in the same hour (see "The Suitcase"). Give this man the Emmy now, please.

Quiet Pool: I give it an A minus. Unlike some of the other seasons of Mad Men, the fourth installment started out with a bit of a bang and never really let up.  We had Don as a miserable drunk. We had Don on the open market.  We had Peggy stepping her game up.  And we might have had Don make a move that will make him actually happy.  A great season all around.

LJ Gibbs: A solid B. I echo everything my colleagues said about Hamm/Draper. But I could have gone for a bit more insight into the lives of other employees, most notably Roger. At least I can read more about him in "Sterling's Gold."

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