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Don and Pete meet with the board of the American Cancer Society and as Pete put it, they were eating out of Don's hand.  Don says goodbye to Faye before heading out on his trip to California.

Joan gets promoted to Director of Agency Business, but it is in title only since they have yet to sign a new client in ten weeks.

Don, Pete and Roger try to get Ken to work on his father-in-law so they can land a new client.  Ken says that he's not Pete, and won't sacrifice his life for the company.

Glen comes by the Francis house to say goodbye to Sally before they move to Rye.  Betty finds him in the house, throws a fit, and then fires Carla for letting him in. Henry gets angry with Betty for firing Carla and they have a big fight.

Joyce brings by a model she met that was recently fired by Topaz to meet Peggy.  Peggy and Ken then meet with Topaz on the holiday and Peggy nails the pitch.  Topaz is SCDP's first new client.

Don decides to bring Megan along as the nanny for the California trip. After a day at the pool, Don brings the kids to Anna's to sign some papers.  Anna's niece gives Don the engagement ring that the real Don Draper gave Anna.

After a night out with her friend, Megan takes Don out to her balcony to look at the view and they end up hooking up.  They bond over the fact that Megan knows who Don currently is.

The next morning Don proposes to Megan and she says yes.  When they get back to New York he gives the news to everyone.  Peggy doesn't take it too well and goes to Joan for support.  Don then breaks things off with Faye over the phone.

Yes, Joanie is pregnant. She did not have the abortion.  She talks with Greg on the phone and he believes that it is his.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Glen: Why do you hate me?
Betty: You don't think I know what you're doing? You could be friends with anyone!
Glen: Just 'cause you're sad doesn't mean everybody has to be.

Maybe that sick feeling will go away if you take your head out of the sand about the past.

Faye [to Don]