30 Rock Review: Albino Ninja!

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For the second straight week, 30 Rock scarcely scratched the surface of of its potential. Put it this way:

I only laughed out loud once at "Gentleman's Intermission," not exactly the result I'm looking for when it comes to this typically hilarious sitcom.

In Jack's Office

I've never come to 30 Rock to watch the characters grow as human beings.  I've come to laugh and be weird-ed out on many occasions.  This had one of those storylines - that of Jack, Liz and Avery - where they kind of make these characters out to be real people, with actual feelings. 

That idea fell flat on its face.

Avery trying to stop Jack from helping Liz brought nothing to the table, and Liz's problem was not any better.  As her dad was an old man trying to be young in New York City, it felt like I had seen this before. Even worse, it was executed poorly.

On the other side of the building, Tracy and Jenna were both out to better themselves.  This story kept my attention, as Tracy always will, but it was also lacking in laughs.

The MVP of the ep?  Pete Hornberger.  I used to not always enjoy Pete, but recently his remarks have been funnier and funnier.  How he took all of Liz's comments about her dad and got defensive as if she was talking about him was hilarious.

Random funny moment:  The 30 Rock guy from this generation that did everything stereotypical of the young people of America. Is that really what we're known for?  Playing in kickball leagues and not cutting our hair? Ouch.

A review of the best quotes from the half hour:

Tracy: If I won an Oscar everyone would have to respect me. My obituary would read Oscar-winner, instead of children's soccer heckler. | permalink
Random Guy: Hey are you Jack? Sorry I'm late. B.T.Dubs, I gotta leave for my ironic kickball league in about ten. Also I'm not interested in this position unless I'm going to be constantly praised. And I won't cut my hair. | permalink
Jack: She's got just the right amount of D.I.H.C. for me. I hear it and I don't care. | permalink
Jenna: Dr. Drew called me un-fixable. | permalink
Jack: You're someone with a lot of problems, who needs constant guidance.
Tracy: Don't forget, I never listen. | permalink
Tracy: Sure, I Google myself all the time. Like when Angie's not in the mood or I'm alone in a hotel. | permalink
Dick: I'm meeting up with my old Army buddy, Gary. Tonight we're doing a push-up and tomorrow we're going to a bar called Swingles! | permalink
Jack: Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them in order to stay alive. Haven't you ever read my throw pillow? | permalink

Gentleman's Intermission Review

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