Brothers & Sisters Review: "An Ideal Husband"

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When we first saw Brothers & Sisters go down the infidelity path yet again, this time with Scotty, we were skeptical, since the same topic has been done on the show so often.

After "An Ideal Husband," we can say two things, however:

  1. It was well done. Watching Kevin and Scotty deal with the aftermath, rather than just going their separate ways, was a new wrinkle wrought with emotional gray areas.
  2. There's no way they break up. None.
Cold C*cked

Punches were thrown a lot last night on Brothers & Sisters. Some literally.

Even beyond their status as probably TV's most visible, committed, male gay couple, the point of this was to deconstruct their seemingly perfect marriage and build it back up again.

So we thought, anyway.

"An Ideal Husband" could have vilified Scotty, and to a point it surely did, but is also strove to present both sides of his infidelity, which is a tough feat for a TV show to pull off well.

Slowly, both he and Kevin threw themselves into everything but each other. This is what happens in life and often leads to cheating, it's not always a single random, senseless act.

Scotty ended up hooking up with a waiter, but the depth of the episode came as we were reminded us of Kevin's role in the whole saga, even if he didn't do the cheating himself.

When he says the punishment didn't fit the crime, he's probably correct. On the flip side, no way he comes away clean. Which is how real-life relationship problems typically are.

Specifically, Kevin was a no-show at a huge important culinary event for Scotty's restaurant that very same evening, and the two had been drifting apart long before that, even.

After an episode devoted largely to everyone else talking about them, they finally square off and hash things out, or at least begin to. Kevin can’t understand how Scotty did this.

For his part, Scotty cannot deal with the pressure of ... Kevin. He's not perfect, despite what you think. In the end, this is far from resolved, but it's also far from over. Well done.

The other interesting component to this is that the couple's relationship was almost shamelessly presented as the one the rest of the family members look up to, even aspire to.

The fact that it's a gay relationship is refreshing to see, and we applaud the producers for their courage in that respect. It also makes it very hard for us to see them breaking up.

Which is a good thing, yes. Just a little predictable.

Another things we liked about last night was that the episode did not involve the family trying to put the pieces together for 55 minutes. They learned of the cheating right away.

Sarah, Nora and Justin and Saul find it unbelievable that Scotty would cheat. Sarah gets hit hard by the revelation, given what happened with Joe, but remains committed to Luc.

Nora refuses to let this couple go down in flames, because Scotty is anhonest man, unlike William. Kevin eventually sees his mother's point on this, and his role in Scotty's actions.

Saul was a bit extreme - he's never been this disappointed in anyone? - but especially for a recently un-closeted gay man, we can see how he would take this particular news hard.

Later, he comes around and counsels Scotty, too. He, like the rest of the family, realizes he can't judge, nor can he choose sides that easily, because Scotty is his family too now.

He and Scotty agree not to give up hope and fighting to be their best selves. Perhaps the family has restored our hope in the ABC drama as well with this well-done episode.

What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters?

An Ideal Husband Review

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